sams.api.public – Public API

sams.api.public.assets – Assets

An Asset Binary API intended for public consumption.

This service provides a single endpoint, to download the binary of an Asset. No metadata will be available to the client, nor will any specific errors be returned.

endpoint name


resource title


item url

[GET] ‘/assets/<set_id>/<asset_id>

The following validation occurs on this endpoint:

  • set_id must be a valid bson.objectid.ObjectId

  • asset_id must be a valid bson.objectid.ObjectId

  • The Set with _id == set_id must exist

  • The Set must have state == 'usable'

  • The Asset with _id == asset_id must exist

  • The Asset must be stored in the Set

  • The Asset must have state == 'public'

If any of the above conditions are not met, a 404 - Not Found error is returned.